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Major Courses (60 units)
Major Required Courses 30 units
Major Elective Courses 24 units
Honours Project (Compulsory) 6 units
University Core 13 units
General Education 18 units
Free Electives 37 units
Total 128 units

This structure directly reflects the aims and objectives of the programme. The emphasis is not placed on providing specialist training for specific jobs, but rather on providing an education aimed at liberating the mind of the individual and developing the types of intellectual and personal skills that are recognized as important by employers in a wide variety of occupational areas.

1. Major Courses (60 units)

The Major curriculum is divided between Major Required and Major Elective courses. All students in the Programme must take 30 units of the Major Required courses. Students must take a minimum of 24 units of Major Elective courses according to their own interests. Choice of Major Electives needs to be informed, guided and even constrained so as to avoid a random selection of courses lacking cohesion or rationale. The 6-unit Honours Project plays an important part in the Major Programme, affording as it does an opportunity for the exercise of individual initiative and for the development of the ability to synthesize what has been learned in separate courses, including those outside the Major.

Major Required Courses (30 units)

ENGL1005English, Creativity, and Cultures3 units
ENGL2005Introduction to the Study of Language3 units
ENGL2007Literary and Comparative Studies3 units
ENGL2006Language, Culture and Society
or 3 units
ENGL2015Literature and Culture
ENGL2016Sounds of English Around the World3 units
ENGL2017Stepping Stones in English Grammar3 units
ENGL2025The Art of Storytelling3 units
ENGL2026Argumentation and Persuasion (to be replaced by ENGL2097 effective Semester 2)3 units
ENGL2097Virtual Storytelling: Narration across Dimensions3 units
ENGL2027Academic and Professional Writing3 units
ENGL3005Research Skills in English Language and Literature3 units
ENGL4898 and ENGL4899Honours Project6 units

Major Elective Courses (24 units)

Student must take a total of eight Major Elective Courses, at least four of which should be at 3000 or 4000 level. If students would like to graduate under a specific Concentration, they are required to complete at least six Major elective courses under the student’s chosen Concentration (up to the regular maximum of eight total elective courses required for graduation). *Remarks: Concentration completed within the Department curriculum do not appear on the transcript.
1.Language and Communication Studies Concentration
ENGL2095Foundations of Language Studies3 units
ENGL2105Internship in English Studies: From Classroom to Workplace3 units
ENGL3007Discourse Studies3 units
ENGL3026Special Topic in Language3 units
ENGL3027Special Topic in Linguistic Theory3 units
ENGL3107Acquiring and Learning a Language3 units
ENGL3115 Studying Hong Kong through the Lens of Language 3 units
ENGL3205Components of a Word3 units
ENGL3206Critical Discourse Analysis3 units
ENGL3207Language and Intercultural Communication3 units
ENGL3305Studying Meaning3 units
ENGL3306Understanding Phonological Patterns3 units
ENGL3307Architecture of Grammar3 units
ENGL3315Linguistics and Literary Portrayals of Hong Kong in English3 units
ENGL3316Literary and Linguistics Codes in Hong Kong Society3 units
ENGL3317Sociolinguistic and Cultural Immersion in Hong Kong Language and Literature3 units
ENGL4006Advanced Topic in Language3 units
ENGL4007Advanced Topic in Linguistic Theory3 units
ENGL4017Advanced Seminar in Language and Gender3 units
ENGL4025Analyzing Multimodal Communication3 units
ENGL4026Exploring Intercultural Communication Through Films and Literature3 units
ENGL4027Exploring Bilingualism and Bilingual Education3 units
ENGL4035 Functional Grammar 3 units
ENGL4036 Language, Communication and Advertising 3 units
ENGL4037 Language and the Workplace 3 units
ENGL4045 Language in Education 3 units
ENGL4047 Perspectives on Universal Themes 3 units
ENGL4055 Stories of English 3 units
ENGL4056 Theoretical Linguist Meets World 3 units
ENGL4057 Unravelling Syntax 3 units
ENGL4115 Tone in Human Languages 3 units
ENGL4116 Language and Power 3 units
Third Language (excluding Putonghua)
2. Literary and Comparative Studies Concentration
ENGL2035 The Short Story 3 units
ENGL2036 Pre-Modern Drama 3 units
ENGL2076 Poetry 3 units
ENGL2077 Critical Approaches to Literature 3 units
ENGL2086 Poetry and Poetics 3 units
ENGL2105 Internship in English Studies: From Classroom to Workplace 3 units
ENGL3015 Creative Writing 3 units
ENGL3025 Faces of Comparative Literature 3 units
ENGL3036 Chinese-Western Literary Relations 3 units
ENGL3037 Creative Writing Workshop 3 units
ENGL3045 Great Novels in English 3 units
ENGL3046 Literature and the Nobel Prize 3 units
ENGL3055 Literature and Film 3 units
ENGL3066 Modern and Contemporary Drama 3 units
ENGL3096 The Child and Literature 3 units
ENGL3105 Twentieth-Century Literature 3 units
ENGL3106 Modern and Contemporary Poetry 3 units
ENGL3116 Hong Kong Literature 3 units
ENGL3315Linguistics and Literary Portrayals of Hong Kong in English3 units
ENGL3316Literary and Linguistics Codes in Hong Kong Society3 units
ENGL3317Sociolinguistic and Cultural Immersion in Hong Kong Language and Literature3 units
ENGL3405 Shakespeare as Dramatist 3 units
ENGL4016 American Popular Fiction after 1950 3 units
ENGL4046 Hong Kong Stories in English 3 units
ENGL4065 Dystopian Fiction 3 units
ENGL4066 World Literatures 3 units
ENGL4067 Comics and Graphic Novels 3 units
ENGL4075 Special Topic in Comparative Literature 3 units
ENGL4076 21st Century Fiction 3 units
ENGL4077 Detective Fiction 3 units
ENGL4085 Special Topic in Literature 3 units
ENGL4086 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 3 units
ENGL4087 Special Topic in Critical Theory 3 units
ENGL4095 Gender and Literature 3 units
ENGL4096 Diaspora Writing in English 3 units
ENGL4097 Gothic Literature 3 units
ENGL4105 Comparative Drama 3 units
ENGL4106 Literary Journalism 3 units
ENGL4107 Postcolonial Fiction 3 units
ENGL4117 The Human History of Amorous Deeds 3 units
ENGL4125 Literature and Religion 3 units
ENGL4127 Introduction African Literatures 3 units

2. University Core (13 units) and General Education (18 units) study schedule for students admitted in or before AY 2018/19 intake




Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4

University Core

University English I & II 6 units      
University Chinese 3 units      
Healthy Lifestyle   2 units    
The Art of Persuasion   2 units    
General Education Programme Level 1 (9 units)
History and Civilization 3 units      
Values and the Meaning of Life 3 units      
Quantitative Reasoning   3 units    
Level 2 (6 units)
Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses   6 units  
Level 3 (3 units)
GE Capstone     3 units

For more details and GE requirements for students admitted in or before AY 2017/18 intake, please refer to the website of the General Education Office .

2.    General Education (38 units) (Applicable to students admitted in or before AY 2017/18 intake)

Students are required to take a suite of GE courses in order to gain a multi-disciplinary learning experience. To foster the intended learning outcomes of the GE Programme, the 38 units required under the Programme are divided into 2 categories, Core Requirements (26 units) and Distribution Requirements (12 units), as in the table below:

(a)Each of the above denotes a category in which a list of courses will be available for students’ selection.
(b)Students will take one course in each of the four areas outside of their own Faculty/ School/ Academy, for a total of 12 units. Students may also take interdisciplinary courses to fulfill the Distribution Requirements.
(c)Interdisciplinary courses will be listed for two (or more) areas of learning (i.e. with two course codes starting with GDXX18XX or GDXX19XX). Students have to decide which area (outside of their own Faculty/ School/ Academy) they would like the course to fulfill.

Study Schedules