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This page contains information on our research postgraduate programmes (MPhil and PhD). For information on the MA in Literary & Comparative Studies and MA in Language Studies, please visit the respective websites.

Admission Requirements

Please refer to the HKBU Graduate School website for information on admission requirements for our research postgraduate programmes.


Research Area

(a) Linguistics / Language Studies

Bilingualism; Contrastive Linguistics; Intercultural Communication; Gender and Language; Language Acquisition and Language Learning; Phonetics and Phonology; Pragmatics; Semantics; Sociolinguistics; Syntax; Text/Discourse Analysis; World Englishes; Applied Linguistics; Professional Communication; Multimodal Communication; Hong Kong English

(b) Literary Studies

Twenty-First Century and Contemporary Literature; Chinese Western Comparative Literature; Gender and Literature; Identity & Diaspora in Literature; Literature and Film; New Literatures in English; Hong Kong Literature; Nineteenth-Century Literature; Modernist Literature; Victorian Literature: Contemporary and Modern Drama; Postcolonial Studies

Chinese-Western Comparative Literature; Gender and Literature; Identity and Diaspora in Literature; Literature and Film; New Literatures in English; Nineteenth-Century Literature; Renaissance Literature; Romantic Literature; Shakespeare Studies; Twentieth-Century Literature; Victorian Literature; Women in Literature; Modern Drama; Postcolonial Studies; Modern British and American Literature; Post-modern Literature and Culture


Preparing the Research Proposal

A research proposal must be included with the application form.  The proposal should be about five pages long and should  include the following:-


a clearly defined area of research;


theoretical framework and rationale for adopting or applying such a framework to your study and research;


a brief outline of the research or the research questions to be addressed in the study;


established scholarship related to the topic/research; and


a selected bibliography of relevant publications.


Financial Awards