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English Major Programme is under Broad-based Admission and Hybrid Admission.

Hybrid Admissions

  • Following Faculty of Arts policy, the Department of English Language and Literature (ENG) will adopt the hybrid admissions mode in the September 2020 intake. ‘Hybrid admissions’ allows students firm in the choice of their intended Major to declare their Major programme upon entry to the University (subject to a limited quota); otherwise, they will enter the regular broad-based admission stream without declaring their Major until Year 2.
  • Candidates who are eager to study English language or literature as their Major should indicate ENG among their Band A choices. Doing so will increase any student’s chance of admission to the programme and, if successful, will confirm his or her status as an English Major in Year 1.
  • Candidates may likewise choose *both* ENG (programme) and the Faculty of Arts (broad-based) admission streams among their JUPAS choices. Doing so will increase the overall likelihood of their being admitted to HKBU Faculty of Arts (broad-based admission and/or the ENG Major programme) via either route.

For more information, please visit the Faculty of Arts website and Academic Registry website.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am a Science student. Will I be considered for admission to the BA English Programme?

Yes, we admit Science students who have taken science subjects for their HKDSE electives.


Do you consider students with no background in English Literature?

Yes, you do not need to have an English Literature background to enroll in this Programme.


If I do not know Chinese, will I be considered for admission to the BA English Programme?

Certainly. The Chinese Language requirement can be replaced by alternatives. Please refer to the information on the programme page on the JUPAS website.


I am an Associate Degree holder. Am I eligible for admission?

Yes, Associate Degree holders should apply through the Non-JUPAS route. Associate Degree holders may be shortlisted for an interview, and successful applicants will be admitted directly to Year 3.


What will most of the graduates do after they graduate?

Normally 10-15% of our graduates will go for further studies. The rest are likely to develop their careers in the following fields:

  •   Administration / Management
  •   Advertising / Public Relations
  •   Civil Services
  •   Marketing
  •   Media Services
  •   Teaching
  •   Tourism
  •   Translation