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James Au’14

James AU

English Lecturer and PhD Student, University of Tokyo

MALCS offered me a chance to read books and the world from an entirely different perspective, thus re-shaping my career goals. Without this programme I would not have been able to pursue my research in Tokyo, where I am also teaching English and literature(s) at several tertiary institutions. I hope I can use what I have learnt from the English professors at Hong Kong Baptist University to inspire my current and future students.

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Abel Han  ’18

Abel HAN

PhD Student, Cornell University

The MALCS program provided an ideal intellectual environment in which to pursue postgraduate studies. My career has been fundamentally enriched by the close interaction between instructors and students, the exemplary rigour of the English department’s faculty, as well as the programme’s dedicated commitment to critical thinking. MALCS dutifully offers interdisciplinary workshops, the finest library in Hong Kong, experiential learning events, and not to mention, annual overseas study tours!

Alice Liu ’19

Alice LIU

PhD Candidate, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong

MALCS improved my critical ability in literary research and also inspired me a lot in the area of Gender Studies. Currently, I am extending the research topic that I studied in my MA project. The knowledge that MALCS taught me, as it has become clearer by day, is significant and fundamental to my doctoral research.

Jess Tsang ’20


Ebusiness Manager, Fotomax; also a Truth Explorer, Papa of two sons.

I worked in the photography industry for over two decades, and found that life should extend beyond one’s job title and duties. Goals morph over different stages. At one point, I craved the pomp of an expensive Swiss watch, but I too dreamt of a Master’s Degree. Unsurprisingly, life springs surprises—and I feel I have now achieved a more significant milestone in learning, which I hope will inspire my children too. It was a humbling moment when I received my acceptance to MALCS. In the course of learning, I felt my voice was really heard. Teachers and classmates listened to each other’s thoughts, and shared opinions civilly. Our different identities—Hongkonger, mainlander, expat, local—were embraced as axiomatic, and our research found dissemination not only in the classroom but also at international conferences. In fact, I had the opportunity to give my first talk to an international audience at HKBU! Throughout this journey, I worked in Fotomax as an Ebusiness Manager. But I’m much more excited about how MALCS helped fashion me into a Truth Explorer.

Candy Wang ’15

Candy WANG

Lecturer, Shanghai Normal University 

Studying in HKBU’s MALCS program proved one of the most desirable choices I have ever made, as I was offered not only the power of mind but also the meaning of life—this far outstripped my original expectations. It all began during my one-year MALCS study, where I learned how to approach literary arts and appreciate literary aesthetics; and my passion on comparative literature study was ignited. My attitude towards academia was completely reshaped—and my life trajectory was radically reoriented thanks to all my great professors, especially Dr. Ruth Hung, who later guided me through my PhD degree in English at HKBU. Today, I have become a sailor: I sail the ocean of literature study. And HKBU’s English Department of HKBU will always be my lighthouse, always signaling the wisest direction.